Feb 21

Pardon The US Politic’s Guide Upgrade

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    • Destiny Horton Pope on March 14, 2016 at 2:05 pm
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    I Believe that Bernie sanders should be president. He is our most trusted candidate on the Democratic side, Although Hilary is also a good candidate she is not the trust worthy she has got into government information. Also Bernie focuses on the enviorment and that is what we need right now. Now a lot of people go for Donald trump because he is a business man and he does what he says but is he really for the people? When he gave his speech a while back he made fun of a disabled reporter now this disabled reporter represents all the disabled kid and by Donald trump making fun of him this shows that Donald trump doesn’t like different he does not like diversity , he is also against many races Mexicans and islams. I am to young to vote so I ask that who ever read this that can vote look over the facts and I ask that you may consider Bernie sanders for president – Destiny H-P

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